Friday, May 28, 2010

Keeping Perspective

Our house is a bit on the wild side these days. We all make phone calls, send emails, cross things off on our "to-do" lists, add more things to our "to-do" lists, attempt to eat a balanced meal occasionally etc.

Yesterday, Evie and my dad and I dug a big hole, then we filled it with rocks. It gives a person perspective.

This morning I started the laundry. I may have mentioned a few hundred times how much I love hanging laundry. (It was a little embarrassing to see how many posts came up when I searched the blog for "laundry!") When I hung up the last shirt for the first load, I looked down and found this in my basket!

That's a "fiver" people! And an egg! (Silly chickens.) Maybe I should start doing MORE laundry!


Sunflower Hill Farm said...

What's the hole filled with rocks for? new oven?

I, too, LOVE hanging clothes on the line. Nothing quite like it. I'm going to go hang some right now!!!

Eluciq said...

Wow your chickens are rich...leaving you an egg and a 5er! giggle :)

i love your laundry posts...i need to get a line out to hang...although lately we have been having dust fun!

i am interested in what the hole of rocks is for...some sort of filtering system, huh?

Lynch Family said...

Yup, new oven out at my parents' place. We are filming it for the DVD that will accompany our earth oven workshops . . .available at of course!

It will have a 40" hearth, much larger than our at home. Fun!

Laundry is SO beautiful in the sun! I am off to fold mine now--yummy smell!