Thursday, April 01, 2010

Just Thursday--but that's everything!

First laundry on the line this year! It was blazing hot (91 degrees in the sun) so it dried lickety-split.

A good chunk of the day was spent with a friend, I have known since we were 12, and her family. Four very energetic girls--whew!

The afternoon brought rehearsals for the last chapter of Book 1! (Harry Potter for any of you who haven't read the blog until recently.) We had a feast to celebrate including pumpkin juice, pasties, cauldron cakes and treacle tart. The treacle tart was interesting, some of us liked it and some didn't. I took that last picture through the screen because the girls were all huddled together looking at a bunny in the backyard. They are always very affectionate with each other and it is nice to see.

BED! Now please!

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