Thursday, May 22, 2008


I really do need to learn how to use the brakes on my life. I ended up heading to bed like a grouchy louse at the end of the day because we had a meeting in the evening, still haven't folded the laundry etc. etc. Thursdays are always busy and Fridays I work so we are on the super coaster part of the week once again. . . brakes . . . brakes.

Most of yesterday was lovely. We observed the four baby robins who are living in the crook of one of our drain spouts, then we drew their picture. We watched a fascinating program about the lateset theories regarding the disappearance of "Atlantis."

We rode our bikes to get fancy duds for Evie's horse show (thank you Goodwill), and he horsed around in the backyard.

Yes, those are more pictures of our laundry.

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