Sunday, September 27, 2009

A relaxing Sunday . . . really!

First there was yard work. Mowed the lawn for the last time this year,
planted my potted mums, pulled my tomatoes.

So much bread. I live with seriously talented people.
I didn't touch any of it.

All from the outdoor mud oven. Thirty-six buns, 4 loaves of sourdough, enchiladas and an un-pictured pizza. Hmmm . . . where did that go?

Then we tried cheese-making. Our friends made it sound so easy, they even gave us supplies. It didn't go well, the results are inedible on their own--we are thinking maybe fried or in Indian food. Better luck next time.

Then we had a Design Squad marathon. We finished watching season 2 and were on our feet cheering. We all LOVE this show. Of course we had to make something afterward. We started with their version of a rubber band car. Then we modified and made a wicked awesome one. Definitely a "flow" moment for all of us, we looked up at the clock and it was 10:00.

A day well lived!


chacha said...

Hi Jen,

The secret to great cheese soup is an immersion blender....That way, if the cheese doesn't melt evenly, you can still get something to eat for dinner...I can't live without mine!


Sunflower Hill Farm said...

Shoot! Darn.....I'm sorry it didn't work. Hmmmm......did you get curd? I'm going to encourage you to try again. The first time we made it, great. The 2nd - ricotta cheese instead of mozz. Every time since, fine.

Do you freeze all that bread? It looks beautiful!!!

Lynch Family said...

Not cheese "soup"--CHEESE! We were going for mozzarella, we ended up with paneer.

Lynch Family said...

Jodi-yup, we'll definitely try again, I am not sure where we went wrong. next time we see each other maybe you can help me dissect our errors. It was fun anyway!

Eluciq said...

you are 'seriously' talented too!

love the is a good vibe from your blog! and that break looks scrumptious!