Monday, September 28, 2009

Today brought to you by PEPPERS!

There is a freeze warning for tomorrow night so we pulled the community garden today. The brassicas were so HUGE that when Evie was pulling a kale plant I actually couldn't see her under it! Most of these peppers aren't ripe---will they ripen? What will I do with them? Any ideas?

Visited a cool park today too, lots of rocks to climb--manufactured but concrete, realistic and complex as opposed to plastic and simple.

More machines tonight. My balloon-powered car was kind of a flop, my rocket didn't work, Evie's catapult did, our cork launchers and protective thumb covers rocked. We listened to Boomerang!


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Grace said...

I had to pull some of our peppers early. I put them on the counter and they did ripen but once they were ripe they went bad FAST. So, once they ripen, I'd put them in the freezer ASAP.