Saturday, September 26, 2009


I predict that within 15 years our planet and our society will be in much better shape than it is today. I predict that "forethought" will take precedence over "right now." I predict that relationships will be more important than "the bottom line," and I predict that "we" will take over from "I."

Why am I feeling so optimistic? because I spent the day among people already making those decisions, but more importantly I got to experience a full-on dose of YOUNG people living that way. The annual Food for Thought Festival is always crowded with "our people." It took me half an hour to walk half a block because I kept stopping to talk to friends. Once again Evie and I were responsible for the kid's activities. All the kids, volunteers and participants, were amazing--creative, articulate, enthusiastic, competent and genuine. Our volunteers (young and old) were all from our homeschooling circle. As I circulated through the festival more and more people stopped me to say what an amazing group of young people I had in my tent. One man stopped me to say that Evie had painted his face and they discussed growing apples. He said that when he was her age he had already been told he "wasn't an artist" and you couldn't have paid him to talk to an adult about anything "real." He said he was brought to tears by the whole tent because there was so much hope inside. There were a lot of comments of that ilk that made their way to my ears today. I am so proud and humbled and excited to be a witness and a participant in "what comes next."


Eluciq said...

looks and sounds like a fabulous day! always energizing to be around like minded folks for sure!

denise said...

ahhh, we need more of that. :)