Monday, January 05, 2009

Beginning and Endings

This is the first cake of 2009. Evie got all sorts of cake decorating and baking items for Christmas. This is a fudge layer cake with real buttercream frosting--as in she cooked the egg whites over a double boiler, whipped them and added a pound of softened butter--oh baby! The recipe can be found in this splendid volume.

This is a photo of the blank space hat used to be occupied by Evie's doll house. The doll house family had many adventures and parties and we will miss them but they are tucked away, wrapped in dress pattern paper from patterns that were too small long ago. Everything is tucked away snug, waiting for another little person to play with them someday--the next generation?

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Eluciq said...

oh...that cake is must be nice to have a cake baker in your home. i Evie's 8/9 year old...she looks so grown up...yikes the years are creeping up on us.