Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Today we . . .

. . . went to a laundromat to wash a sleeping bag.
. . . went to the library.
. . . sold some books.
. . . learned the Greek alphabet in 10 minutes (it really works).
. . . had a wicked good duel with spells we learned from here. We each made a "cheat sheet," paced off and drew our wands (wooden spoons). It ended in lots of giggling and boy did we learn a lot of Latin. We learned a few Latin tongue twisters as well.

We plan to put together a see-through model of the human body tonight, play FreeRice, dabble with Rosetta Stone French (you will recall Evie's stated goals) and read . . . a lot.

A day well lived!

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Stephanie said...

a day well lived indeed!