Sunday, January 04, 2009


Ice fell last night so that everything is coated with just enough to look shiny and be COMPLETELY treacherous. We went to the local ice rink that used to be maintained by the city until budget cuts hit! Several groups (ourselves included) have cleared patches in the last few days. The ice is not perfect but it is skateable and the mushy patches and snow banks just make for a better obstacle course.

Evie was up VERY early this morning due to a stuff y nose, we played a game of Monopoly, the whole game only took about 2 hours.

A few puttery things this afternoon, then tea and a movie--who knows what else.

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denise said...

The ice is thick, isn't it? My husband went out and actually ice skated ON THE SIDEWALK this morning...neighbors were yelling out the windows laughing. Very fun. ;)

I think an ice rink would be more fun for the whole family, though. Hee. We have wanted to get out to skate. Where did you go?