Wednesday, November 29, 2006

weather change

It has been in the upper 50s all week. That kind of weather does not put me in a holiday mood. It is supposed to get colder on Thursday.

Monday was a full day with friends over all afternoon and such good conversation. I love that we all have different takes on things and that we are not afraid to disagree with each other. We didn't hear from our 4 girls for about 3 hours (we heard them of course, bouncing and giggling and talking upstairs, they just didn't need to speak to us!)

Evie had her first speedskating class on Monday night. She liked it. I am not sure it is artistic enough for her and she asked about figure skating. She loves the fact that no one goofs around at speedskating, she HATED that at gymnastics. We will see where it all goes. She had her gymnastics "recital" Tuesday, she got to be with her teacher, she was fabulous, her teacher let her do some cool stuff at the end and she got a trophy. I really, really hope she wants to do gymnastics again soon and that we can find a way for her to get what she wants out of it. She practiced handstands for an hour yesterday and just beamed when she nailed one. OOOH she is fun!

Following are pictures of the dollhouse family getting ready for Christmas. The tomten came off the shelf last night, I wonder if he will cause any trouble! The last photo is a close-up of teh "stockings hung by the chimney with care."

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