Saturday, March 17, 2012

Too hot

Temps have been in the high seventies and eighties the last few days.  Yuck.

No point in trying to catch up on what we've been up to, too busy.

Our first Unschooling Conference salon is tomorrow.  I am curious to hear what people have to say.  I am excited and nervous about my presentations.

Scott's sister is here for a visit to celebrate Evie's b-day (next week).  We toodled around downtown yesterday.

The obsession with mail art continues.  Google it.

I am so grateful for computers and being able to watch so many amazing shows via a few simple cables to hook-up the computer to the TV.  Fun stuff.

Derby again tonight.  Go Mouse!  I guess it is St. Patrick's day today too.

My thought for the day?  I am jealous of people who crave and indulge in creativity more often than practicality.  I am tired of loading the dishwasher, I wanna make more art.

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