Saturday, March 24, 2012

Love Letter

Evie's final project for Wilton Class 3.  She made all those flowers out of gum paste!

I think I might write a love letter to our local JoAnn fabrics.  It would go something like this.

Dear Awesome JoAnn Fabrics Team Members [don't you think they'd want to be referred to as a team?],

I felt I simply had to write to express how awesome I think you all are and how awesome your store is.  Here is why:

1) You remember my daughter and I when we come in.  You ask questions about what we are up to.  You ask Evie about current and past projects.  You never ask how old she is, what grade she is in or where she goes to school.

2) When Evie comes in to buy her own project materials you never ask her about where her mother is.  You never talk to her like she is anyone but any other adult customer.

3) When you offer classes you offer them without discriminating based on age.  Turns out it is hard for an 11 year old to take a cake decorating class in this town.

4) When I apply for the "Educator Discount Card" with our homeschooling papers your staff member chirped, "Hey!  I was homeschooled too!"

5) You help us save ridiculous amounts of money by combining coupons, pointing our special offers and telling us about upcoming sales.

Thank you JoAnn Fabrics.  Evie had the best time ever in your Wilton Courses 1&3.  She gained skills, made friends and had a blast.


Jen and Evie Lynch


momto5 said...

what a great joann's you have! and what a great looking cake. :)

Bethany said...

I agree that is a totally terrific looking cake!

Karen said...

I couldn't agree more!!!!!