Thursday, March 01, 2012

Each Day

Each day I have a million things I want to write about--details of our day or deep thoughts that I want to share.  When I finally have time I often feel I have nothing to put down here.  So, I rely on pictures.  years from now I hope they trigger memories of all things we were doing when we were too busy to write them down.

Scott's new workshop buddy.

Rosemary syrup for National Pancake Day.

Did I mention she likes to cook?

Sometimes tiny stuff gets stuck IN the glue stick!

What was in the boxes.  He named it "Kong."

My kimchi breakfast.  It is even better with a fried egg.  Scott is not happy.

1 comment:

ItMakesYouSmile said...

Rosemary syrup on kimchi? I am going to have to try this kimchi.

Workshop buddy. . . dust collector???