Wednesday, December 07, 2011

So we left . . .

. . . and great silliness ensued.

Let's see . . .

Evie sat on a chocolate covered pretzel, it melted, use your imagination.

I got pulled over in OH because my tires touched the white line (next to the break down lane) three times in a mile. Officer Ohio was just trying to make sure I wasn't falling asleep at the wheel. Scott says he is going to turn my warning into a Christmas ornament with glitter glue.

We hit a crazy, freako, blizzard of doom in western PA. Thanks to Scott's sheer awesomeness we managed to make it to our goal city.

We ate a crappy meal at a place with not a single vegetarian option--I was that annoying customer who asked for something not on the menu, oy!

I am now fantasizing about some sort of back-rack, twisty table to return my back to its original state, the truck is in a mess and we may have 6 inches of snow out our door in the morning.

Great start!

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