Friday, December 02, 2011


Awhile ago Scott asked Evie to change the oil on one of our vehicles. Evie said, "Sure, if you'll show me how." Scott said, "Actually, you need to find out everything yourself." "Okay," was her response.

Yesterday she changed the oil on our truck in preparation for going East. It involved two trips to the auto parts store, several hours, the owner's manual, the computer and Scott's enthusiastic company. I have never changed the oil in a vehicle. We have someone else change ours regularly. Scott's brother thinks we're nuts. For him, vehicle maintenance is like breathing.

When Evie finished, her smile was a mile wide. Then she backed the truck down the driveway so they could clean up. You should have seen her smile then!

There is no question that it is faster and cheaper (for us) to have someone else change our oil. There is also no question that offering a challenge to Evie to find out something we don't know is worth the time and money.

Gotta love learning new skills!


Stephanie said...

It's an incredible story, Jen.
I remain, as always, a smiling admirer of the Lynch family!

Andrea said...

Smiling:) Lovely story, and a great challenge.

verdemama said...

Yay for skills! I have never changed the oil in our car either, even though Camille has :)