Friday, December 09, 2011

We made it

We made to the house by 11:30. We passed through bands of snow and sometimes it was beautiful.

It is surreal being here. Since we live so far away I feel like we haven't really grasped the fact that Scott's mom is really and truly gone. We will never see her again. Her voice is still fresh in all of our minds.

Right now the packing just seems like a job. Sometimes memories will make it seem like an ending, sometimes it is just vacuuming endless mouse poop.

What is missing is her. This house has always oozed hospitality. Never mind the fact that she ran it as a bed and breakfast. We never experienced that side of it. When we were here generosity oozed out of every corner, comfort sated us every day. Jean loved to throw a party. Jean loved to make people feel special. As family we didn't feel like guests, we always felt like we belonged.

Now we are packing boxes and throwing things away. We are marveling at things like the brand of rum she kept on hand for ONE person--just in case he came by. Her pantry shelves are bare now. That's how we're all feeling. A little bare without her.


tiff said...

loves to guys...
my heart hurts for all of you!

Sunflower Hill Farm said...

Oh Lynch family. I really wish I didn't understand so is so very painful to lose your mom. So very painful. I am thinking of you lots. Happy Bday, Scott. Won't it be so nice when this year is not full of anniversaries - 1st Thanksgiving without, 1st Xmas without, 1st bday without. I'm sorry for your loss.