Friday, October 28, 2011

Ummmm . . .

We are all getting used to our new (read: non pizza making) pace. Do we really have time to sit and read a whole novel if we want to? What house projects need to get done? How do we do stuff all together? It sounds kind of weird, but we are relearning how to just BE as a family.

Yesterday Evie and I read aloud.

I watched Two Million Minutes, Scott joined me for Please Vote for Me.

Evie finally painted the Hinkypunk.

We made dough at the commercial kitchen for our last scheduled gig of the year.

Evie and Scott scouted the locations and times for the dojos and classes Evie will be visiting next week in San Francisco.

We watched this TED talk. We just hit the "fascinating" link on the left side of the main page and went with the first thing that caught our eye.

That led to an exploration of infographics and a discussion about whether that would be a good format for our holiday letter this year.

That led to a discussion of how to clearly convey information. We ended up at the Duarte Blog (that happens a lot) and we laughed ourselves silly watching the video about the "Turbo Encabulator" about 6 times.

That's all, and I think it is enough.

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