Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am sticky

Today started with blueberry scones. Scott said they were the best ever.

Next we finished the hinkypunk. (You can't tell in the photo but the lantern really lights up!)

Then we went to our local

and pressed 2 bushels of apples. We came home with 6 gallons of cider.

Tonight we are making spanakopita and curry/honey roasted cauliflower.

Then I plan to beat everyone at Bananagrams.


sarah in the woods said...

Those scones really look like the best ever, and the apple cider making looks like lots of fun!

denise said...

Fun! So now that you spend a lot of time there you must know Scott? He works with Brice and they are goof friends. He "teaches" some of the stuff there too. Another genius! :)

Love that funky hand troll lamp!