Friday, October 21, 2011

Anybody Out There?

I love reading other people's blogs. Having taken nearly the entire summer off, I think I have lost most of my readership. So, I guess I am blogging our days mostly for me now--I'll have to watch the philosophizing!

This week we made and cancelled plans for a most excellent obstacle course day--darn weather!

Started working on a Hinkypunk. Oh how I LOVE papier mache!

Stared at our freakishly adorable cats.

Took cool pictures of random happenings.

And got rid of all our green tomatoes (pickles on the left, salsa on the right).

We watched a LOT of Chopped (hurrah for Hulu), there was yoga and Zumba and swimming and Aikido. We started a book about the history of algebra and finished a book that at first glance seemed aimed at a much younger audience. It was not. It was a rollicking and hilarious read-aloud.

Scott was away this week working on things back east. Sad and challenging work, to go through the stuff of a lifetime.

We have two (2!) parties this weekend, one more pizza event on the calendar this year and lots of travel plans. And, I really need to scrub the kitchen floor.


tiff said...

I am here...always waiting for an update...I love reading about what Jen, Evie & Scott are up to!!!!

love the pic's and the update!!!

hugs to you guys and have fun at your events this week!

Cap'n Franko said...

Personal choice, I don't do the "follow" thing but I do read you whenever you have something new which shows up on Ronnie's sidebar cuz she has your blog link. And I read Ronnie pretty regularly.

verdemama said...

Hi Jen, Whenever you have a new blogpost, it comes up on my sidebar. I always love seeing what the Lynch family has to say about life! I don't know what a hinkypunk is, but I'm intrigued...
Have a fun party weekend.