Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween part1

Homeschool Halloween party on Saturday night. It was held at my parents' house but I wasn't on the planning committee so we just got to show up! Evie went as Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow. Strangely there are no pictures of Scott and I. We went for a slight twist on classical Greek myths--I was Afro-Tidy (Goddess of large curly hair ad cleanliness), I carried a feather duster. Scott went as my husband, Hefixtus (God of home improvement), think toga and tool belt.

We're trying to tie up loose business ends and find the energy to do all those projects we put off all summer.

We'll see what the week brings.


Stephanie said...

:) Crackin' up over here.

Another funny - my verification word is 'bible'.

verdemama said...

Love the Greek twist..wish there were pictures. I guess I can use my imagination :)