Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some Effort

Sometimes it just takes a little effort on my part to get stuff movin'. Today we made this:


And I got out some old display pieces (remember these?) and asked Evie if she could think of something cool to do with them. A fashion exhibit, of course! The theme is "The Plant Kingdom." The living room is a mess, the iron has been going all day, one outfit is done, plots are being hatched for its hanging, paper found for descriptions. Haiku, perspective drawing, the doppler effect and optical illusions have all entered the mix.

I made chocolate snack cake today. Thank goodness for Depression-era recipes because all we can afford is Depression era supplies right now! Actually, I am secretly enjoying the NEED to be frugal and dig deep in the pantry. We had budgeted for making croissants this week so Scott and Evie are making the dough as I type, they will get baked tomorrow. Scott claims that after all the turns there will be 756 layers. I told them I wanted mathematical proof. I just heard Evie multiplying largely in her head--I might have to eat my croissants with crow!

Started reading The Shakespeare Stealer aloud, not very lyrical writing (I am craving story-craft) but an intriguing enough story so far.

Went for a family ski, beautiful golden light in the park. What will we do tonight?

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Stephanie said...


And I kind of get a kick out of digging too...
I think it's if/when we have "no money", then we (I refer to myself and my family) use up the pantry, are perfectly happy staying at home, don't fancy there are things that we absolutely "must have" like we do when we have extra... and then all of a sudden, there is enough. There are still many, many coins in the house, gas in the truck, hot water, electricity, food... and there is even some still left over when we're done with our dry spell.
I think I like it because of that... because I can think "none" and we still come out of it with "some left over". Comforting, that.