Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I have a moment

Today has involved a long, seemingly effortless run. When I am next writing crabbily, please email comment with the words "RUN, RUN, RUN." It is an amazing antidepressant.

Homemade croissants for breakfast, Ella Enchanted shared with a friend, swimming, selling books, collecting worn-out foam noodles, preparing for tomorrow's foam battle (more on that later), thinking about the State of the Union speech, getting ready for NOVA and 1/2 price sundaes at Dairy Queen.

Someone wise and lovely recently blogged about people keeping tidy homes. I do like tidy, but I also like "project mess." These pics were snapped early this morning.

I am loving Facebook and ideas and plans right now.

A day well lived!


verdemama said...

Thanks for the kind link, Jen. I am also more at home with "project mess" than tidy, but tidy feels good when it comes around :)

Andrea said...

The thing about a tidy spot is this: it is wide open for the next project, so it doesn't remain tidy for long!

Enjoy some more running! It sounds wonderful.

Lynch Family said...

@ Andrea: Exactly! When Evie was very small I loved cleaning up after a big play session because I knew it was making room for "new" and "more."

Jessica said...

I agree with Andrea, a tidy spot is a brand new slate for more exploring/fun/creativity to start:)