Monday, January 24, 2011

Dollar Store

Went for coffee with a friend this morning, ate a delicious cupcake (salted caramel). Came home and watched "The Magic Schoolbus" in French with Evie, starting planning for a trip to Quebec (not anytime soon).

It was a day full of errands, some art works in progress that shall be revealed tomorrow. Sixteen degrees feels downright balmy after the sub-zero temps of the past few days, I contemplated going skating in my bikini, I opted for running in regular clothes instead.

Did lot of errands with the whole fam, visited the always hilarious Dollar Store looking for foam noodles (wrong time of year) and ended up at Hobby Lobby--oh the possibilities! Evie bought ten pounds of air dry clay.

Early dinner, 3 hours of Aikido, we have a family challenge out, tomorrow we will each share something to amaze, interest, edify or amuse the others. Maybe there will be pictures.


Andrea said...

I know exactly what you mean about temps in the 20's feeling balmy, and I am looking forward to it! Hope you had a great run!

Stephanie said...

I'm planning a trip to Hobbie Lobby in a few days... my store isn't carrying air-dry clay, so I'll look there! woot!

Betty and Wilma said...

Enjoyed the read! I am jealous because I don't get a lot of time to explore my artist side. Well take care and keep writing!