Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Exactly What

It is 5:00 pm. I will tell you exactly what has happened today.

I woke at 3:00, feeling poorly and worried about an injured (we think) kitty. I watched 3 episodes of "30 Days," 2 of "The Tudors" and the end of a really silly movie called "She gets what she wants. I finished my novel. I ate breakfast. I drank a ridiculous amount of tea and coffee. Evie woke up. We watched Star Trek while she ate breakfast. We all co-existed in the house, reading our various books for the majority of the day. I shoveled and took a walk. We all ate lunch separately while we read some more. We play Bananagrams, Evie and I played Sorry!, I read out loud. I started two more books. Evie started her 5th in 2 days. They have not been short. We are going to to eat french fries now. I am going out in my pajamas. I have done a lot with our cats today. I am sure we will end with more books.

That's it. Exactly.

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