Monday, January 10, 2011

Fashion Show

The fashion show was amazing. Evie has been working on this since September. She made 14 outfits, in 8 categories. She designed everything, sewed everything, wrote her own descriptions, chose and mixed the music, organized how it was going to happen, wrote her program bio, taught two friends to use the sewing machine, made arrangements to borrow things she needed, pet sat to make money to buy fabric, etc. etc.

My mom was instrumental in making it happen. The sewed together, planned together and enjoyed dreaming together. My dad built the runway, the show was held at their house. We had family present and some amazing friends.

Evie did this project with two friends. Her two friends also made many outfits. Their investment in the project was different than Evie's. Evie learned about stating expectations. She learned about friends who are willing to do things they are not crazy about because they want to be friends. She learned that she is very self-motivated and driven. She learned she has more control over her own time than many other kids her age. She learned about exhilaration and disappointment being present in almost the same moment.

It was a great experience. I expected to--actually, I wanted-- to write a glowing, exuberant account of the whole thing. I find myself having procrastinated this post for days. My heart was torn out on a few occasions over the last months when Evie felt such profound disappointment over things and learned to negotiate. I found myself wondering if I was crazy for supporting Evie in this. I fought for her being taken seriously.

I also enjoyed hanging out with her friends, I enjoyed watching them gain skills and think creatively. I loved watching Evie work and rework designs and then bring them to life. I am in awe of her creative writing. I am enormously proud of all three girls. I hope their families are just as proud.

This was a BIG deal in our house for a long time. Now it is over. We have pictures and a video. Now we will do something else. I think that is all I am going to say about it.

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