Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keep it moving

Friday Evie and my mom went to the store where Evie's sewing machine came from to get a lesson on its various features. Evie learned a ton and came home and showed me. This is not my grandma's sewing machine! Evie and I sorted fabric and cleaned up her studio--I wonder what will be hatched there next.

Yesterday we spent the day the Folk Ball! We took a Celtic Singing workshop and then one on Scottish dancing. The singing workshop was really fun, we had friends there with us and we will attempt to remember the songs today! The dancing workshop was somehow more satisfying because we had to figure stuff out. It was also frustrating because some of the participants just couldn't catch on. We were invited to dance with the Madison group any time and about 5 people asked Evie if she would like to take the kid's class. She has a friend who has done it and reports that it has the usual problem of kids classes which is kids who don't want to be there and so goof off and ruin it for anyone else. The class is at a convenient time and free, we'll see what she decides.

The night ended at the giant Folk Ball, an annual Madison tradition with live music of the Balkans and endless, sweaty dancing. We have gone for years and this was definitely the most fun as both of us could figure out the steps much more easily. There was one dance I just loved that involved snaking lines but also partner dancing and being twirled up to a new partner every time. I love that there are people in their nineties, people in their twenties, kids, some in folk costume, some in full Goth regalia, lots in t-shirts and jeans. We saw tons of people we knew--no great shocker that such an event would draw heavily from the "no school" crowd.

I have been devouring The Tudors on Netflix. I love the description given that it is "historically loose and visually lush," just what I have been in the mood for.

Bad neck pain has been keeping me careful, went skiing gain yesterday, back to running today. Running always feels good. If only I could always remember that!

I am having lots of ideas around the question, "What if . . ." more later.


Stephanie said...

That festival sounds super fun! I know it's wicked cold there right now... I was assuming it was outside, but was it inside?
I'm not surprised you saw lots of people you know, either. :)

Lynch Family said...

@Stephanie: Yup, inside at the Student Union at the University, walking distance from home and such grand old architecture. We ate dinner in an old parlor while people wandered in to play the piano.

Andrea said...

Love The Tudors! And all things Henry VIII, for that matter. Sounds like you had a good time at the festival!! Very cool.

Eluciq said...

You guys always do fabulous things...what a great weekend. Look forward to Evie's creations...

And no surprise that you saw so many like minded folks at your event...hmmm!

ItMakesYouSmile said...

Damn! I'm sorry to have missed it all. Love, your descriptions. I think you'll be responsible for increased attendance next year.
But. . . getting the skis on the plane is like picking tomatoes: when the time is right, it waits for no one, and if you blink, it might be too late. I SO wanted to go to the Celtic singing workshop. Maybe you can give me a primer?