Monday, May 24, 2010

Website is live!

Our website is up! We are not accepting bookings until late July (have to get the oven from CO first) so we will not start heavy marketing yet, but I did want to show off our handiwork. We are VERY excited! Please leave feedback, detailed feedback can be sent to the email address on the LF site.


chacha said...

The site looks fantastic! Great job! Can't wait to get in on the tasting!


Stephanie said...

So, so, so cool and exciting!

Eluciq said...


I am blogging tonight about it...hope you don't mind!

This is such an exciting life adventure for you family!!!!

Lynch Family said...

Thank you all for your enthusiasm--it helps A LOT! Can't wait to read what you write Tiff!

mk said...

This is cool beyond words.