Friday, May 21, 2010


I am not a person prone to exclamations. Okay, I am but not usually using texting lingo. We just went from being a one car, bio-diesel using, family of bikers to owning a second car. A PICK UP TRUCK!!!

This baby will haul our gorgeous wood-fired oven with ease.

Website should be up Monday morning. Now off to sell plasma to pay for all this. Just kidding (mostly!)


Eluciq said...

that is a fancy shmancy truck...holy moly! our truck would have never been good enough...look how shiny!

so exciting...look forward to the website!

mk said...


Sandra Dodd said...

Now you can get one of those door-magnets for when you're on official oven-hauling business! :-)

Eluciq said...

rick said he saw a truck pulling a trailer with the same kind of oven you guys have in moab or the arches this past week...i can't remember where he said...the guy had the oven fired up and was selling pizzas...awesome!

i really see great success for you you are so personable too! {which is an added bonus...smiles}

denise said...

That is one big truck! :)