Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Steady on

This morning Evie and I worked on our Journey North clues. She spent the day at the horse barn with a friend, cleaning tack, mucking stalls, playing in the stream. I was pleased when she came home tired, dirty and full of good stories.

I cleaned the house, including the windows! I "springified" the porch and started on the chicken and yard spring chores. Company comes Thursday (yay!) for b-day celebrations this weekend. Evie will be ten on Saturday. Time flies. Birthday party with friends on Thursday--I get to make clues for a treasure hunt!

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Stephanie said...

I was just sitting here thinking about how best to spend my last day of sunshine for a few days (storm and cold tomorrow.)
Windows would be good!
And clean curtains-- letting them dry in the breeze of the open windows, making the house feel especially fresh and delicious.
Laundry on the line (I think I only have one load)?
Peanut butter candies to honor my departed Grandma?
Better get busy... :)
Welcome to the day!