Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The day happens

I have been having some interesting thoughts about the nature of time, how we use it etc. First, think of the way we talk about time. We "spend" it, as if we have a specific amount and we might need to get more. We "pass" time as if we are not active participants. We "use" time, sometimes "efficiently" or "wisely." Sometimes we ask "what do we do with our time? or "Where does the time go?"

As I was typing this I received an email from a friend with this thought provoking article about getting paid partially in time.

It has been our family's experience that money is necessary AND we are willing to do with a heck of a lot less of it if we can have more time together. None of mind working very hard when we are together. Our soeciety thinks this is weird. Too bad!

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