Monday, March 15, 2010

Woke up, got outta bed . . .

. . . hit the floor with my feet running.

Early morning conference call, Evie off to HP rehearsal. I was left alone with the buttercream for 4H. I was very nervous. Would it come to temperature? Would it whip again? Would it take the color? " Yup" to all three.

4H Cooking Club--cake decorating. Evie was the presenter. She wrote everything out long hand, then typed it, then corrected her punctuation then practiced twice! She has seen Scott and I give numerous presentations, that is my only explanation for her process, certainly wasn't my idea. Everyone had a dandy and delicious time.

Home to relax, off to Aikido.

Perhaps more thoughtful posts to come, just trying to get back to regular updates!


Stephanie said...

I started singin' by the third word of your title, I think. :)
mmmmm, for buttercream!!

Sandra Dodd said...

That is a beautiful cupcake.

Lynch Family said...

It was a delicious cupcake too! It is made of modeling chocolate and it a rendition of a friend's dog--a chocolate lab! Ha! Scott and I were both delighted when she offered us a hunk, yummy!