Saturday, March 27, 2010

Keeping Up

It has been a busy few days around here. The first pic is from Aikido some time last week. Evie loves it, Scott loves it, I don't really get the appeal. The sensei are amazing.

The middle few are from the Harry Potter plays. She and two friends are acting out every chapter, they will conclude book 1 this week. Their inventiveness and characters are so much fun. One friend is in charge of the calendar of characters, everyone plays everyone, depending on chapter (in the pics you can see who plays Hermione), Evie is in charge of props and costumes, the centaur costume and the moving chess pieces were brilliant. They come up with amazing work-arounds to compensate for the fact that there are only three of them. The parents have all read the books too and it really is so cool to see it come to life. They left us this week with the cliff-hanger line "Professor Quirrel!?!" We finish at our house on Thursday, we will be baking treacle tart to celebrate.

The last pics are from Las Tres Chicas, Cocinando--the once-a-month supper club that rotates houses. This month's theme was pasta--there was a lot of curtsying. In April it will be our turn to host.

First log-rolling tournament of the year tomorrow. Bread and granola were baked today, pizza experiments in the outside oven for dinner. We have lots more "to-do" but I think we need to veg out tonight. Books? Movies? Not sure.

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