Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bleacher pain

Evie spent today droppin' 'em in the water again, easily winning her division at the first tournament of the year. I am proud to say that the Madison team won every division in which they had rollers (which was all divisions but U10 boys). The tournie was close by so it was easy driving but I am still sore in the sit bones from the bleachers!

Weather looks to be warm this week, I really need to get gardening! If you are local and have any old doors you're not using, let me know!

Thinking lots about how to make an alternative life and still survive in the status quo society--grumpy about this one. Thoughts anyone?


Eluciq said...

This is seeing Evie on the log doing what she loves to do!

Sorry about your pain in the butt...hope you don't see a bleacher for awhile. hugs

denise said...

Hmmm...alternative life and still survive in the status quo society...have you read Radical Homemakers yet?

Congrats Evie!