Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I don't know what my kid did today

I don't know what all my kid did today and that is fantastic. She and I were home together most of the day, she had a friend over and we went to swim team. I know when she got up, we ate all our meals together. I listed things in eBay today, worked on a craft project, edited a newsletter, worked at my paying job and surfed the web.

When Evie was 3, I could have told you how many times she went to the bathroom, just what books had been read, how many hours we were at the park and almost every word that she had uttered throughout the day. Now she has so many interests that we DON"T share and that is way cool. She is competent and confident in the world and knows that we can be resources for each other and partners in life. Some days we still spend nearly all out time together, some days we don't.

She is fulfilled, I am fulfilled and we are both happy. I think that is how it is supposed to work.


Kim of Kim and Jason said...

I am just starting the journey of unschooling. This "picture" of your day is refreshing. Thanks!

Tracy said...

No thumbs up button on blogs, but I wanted to say I really like and appreciate this post.