Monday, March 29, 2010

Funny Things

Evie is pet sitting for several families this week (turns out it is "Spring Break"--who knew?). By week's end we will have roughly 79 eggs! There are a ding-dang lot of chickens in this neighborhood. Evie brought home a few yesterday and they looked so tiny compared to ours. In the following picture the egg on the right is a regular size chicken egg (from a neighbor) the egg on the left is one of our Lucy's eggs--she is a TINY chicken and her eggs are colossal! The floss container is just for comparison.

Evie had her HP compatriots over this morning for the rehearsal of the final chapter of book 1. Later they went outside to play. I hadn't heard them for awhile so I went to peek outside and found them playing with a discarded recliner out on the curb. This struck me as so funny I had to take pictures. The recliner belonged to our recently deceased neighbor, a lovely old man who would have been giddy to know how much fun the girls had with his old chair.

Finally, I had a lot of interactions today (both in person and online) that gave me the snuggly feeling one gets from an anticipated "snail-mail" letter. Pep talks and "'atta girls" were all well received.


Stephanie said...


And it's always lovely to see children loving each other!

Laura said...

LOL at the Sporing Break confusion. We don't ever know the school schedule here either. We also sort of look at each other blankly when someone asks the kids what grade they're in. Mostly we remember, but it takes a bit of discussion first.

HP is Harry Potter, right? My girl is a huge fan too. She plays all of the girl roles, I do Ron, Harry and a great McGonagall.

I like your blog

denise said...

It is funny you have thw worlds biggest egg on the day a farmer we know brought the boys another one of the worlds biggest eggs. It was crazy huge too. :)

So much fun going on there.