Friday, February 19, 2010

What are you looking for?

Is something there because you look for it or do you look for it and it is there? Scott and I watched another documentary today, I Like Killing Flies. It is the story of a hole-in-the-wall family restaurant in Greenwich Village run by a kooky man, his wife and their five kids. He is a philosophical fellow and one of my favorite ideas from him is that you set arbitrary goals throughout your life, and in the relentless pursuit of these random goals, your real life happens. I have to agree with this one. I am chronic list maker. Upon reflection, I think that my lists give me goals and structure and as those things get ticked off, my real life happens and helps me wander in many directions and get more important stuff done.

Today at the co-op I was perusing the free books shelf and came across a book on coin collecting (see Wednesday's post) and one on welding (my stated "life-skills" goal from way back). I thought I was going to be buy yogurt and radishes, AND I found something else. Was it there because I was looking. Or was I looking because I somehow knew it was there? Interesting.

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kellyi said...

I went to the scrapstore the other day to get fabric, came back with a slide.

My kids have wanted a slide for ages. It was meant to be!