Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sacrifice or "Why I like Points and Lumps"

Today we went skiing. The tracks were nearly non-existent, the ground was mostly ice and the sun was out. It was crazily fun.

Then off to do errands, finishing up with a trip to Hobby Lobby. We had a specific amount of money we could spend. We went with a list and a few "it would be nice" items. On our list, rice paper, pearl embroidery floss, pipe cleaners (Evie's list), origami paper and fine tipped markers (my list). Evie mentioned she would like some new colored pencils so we added them to the pile. That put us over our dollar amount. I was all ready to give up my markers for a smaller pack when Evie said, "Well, you can get your markers, that was what we first said." So we did.

As parents, we often sacrifice for our kids. One of my hardest lessons has been to pursue some of my own interests. Scott is way better at this. Constant sacrifice is no more useful than constant greediness. It made me feel really good that Evie was willing to sacrifice her pencils for something for me! We got home and I got to color and do origami until my brain froze.

On a related note (that note being passionate personal pursuit). The Olympics remind me that I really don't like the phrase "well-rounded." I actually prefer people that are lumpy with serious pointy parts that mean they are REALLY INTO something!

Sacrifice can be towards something or away from something, for you or for someone else. If your goal is "well-rounded" you are sacrificing the opportunity to be wholly absorbed. To pursue something pointedly you may have to sacrifice. Hmmm . . . I think I want to experience both sides of "sacrifice" towards a goal of "lumpy."


Eluciq said...

i like lumps too...makes life way more colorful! :)

beautiful photos of you and Evie out in that great blue sky & sunshine!

Stephanie said...

Me too!
Lumps are colorful and interesting and they stick out! :)

denise said...

I was raised with this. Would you rather live a life of average and mediocrity (doing a lot of things so-so) or live of passion doing a few things SPECTACULARLY! :) We don't remember Bucky Fuller (or Einstein, or, or, or, or) because of how 'well rounded' he was. Do it.

jtikkun said...

Nicely said Denise. Would it be weird if I go around saying I wanna be lumpy? teeheehee