Monday, February 01, 2010

Watch this

Watch the trailer and then tell me what needs to happen next. Grab a box of kleenex . . . and a punching bag.

The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture - Race to Nowhere


Eluciq said...

i am interested. i am wanting to know how to make change in our education system. i look forward to watching more. i look forward to people being pro-active in changing the system. Change is a good thing!!!!

Sunflower Hill Farm said...

Wow. Pretty powerful stuff. Of course, I feel cushioned but there are still times when it eeks into my little world. Wow.

Stephanie said...

I saw the film the other night! :)
It (and the film's maker) came here to slc.

Stephanie said...

It was Thursday night that we saw the film, by the way, and I wrote a tiny bit about it in my post on Friday.

Lynch Family said...

Tiff, you and Rick are exactly the folks who have the skills and passion to make changes in the system. How does it happen? I know a lot of people see it and want it . . . What about those of us outside the system. This is big and too important to just say "I opt out." Opting to live outside the system is an "in the moment" choice. AND we need to do more.

Eluciq said...

I agree Jen. I think you & Scot have great insight...and even though you are not in the system...I believe it just may take all walks of life to make this change happen. I don't know the answer, but I sure hope that this film sparks lots of action, discussion and ultimately CHANGE! It needs to happen...we are killing our kids!

thanks for the kind words Jen.