Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Went to "World of Variety" today (love that store name) to buy duct tape for yet another dress form. This time we did Evie. We haven't made a good stand yet but the dresses have already started.

Conveniently, the dresses made to fit the form fit the girl!

Bonus? The cosmetology head (for intricate hairstyles) fits the form! Genius!


Eluciq said...

that dress is fabulous...and the forms are hilarious...i love it...looks like a lovely day at your place!

Stephanie said...

I can't believe how pretty it looks on her! Wonderful.
She's just so amazing.
And have I told you that the pic in the sidebar of her reading with the clown makeup always makes me smile???
Evie generally makes me smile, anyway. :)

Lynch Family said...

It is funny, we finished the form (definitely a two-person job) and then I needed a break. I went into the office, lost track of time and 40 minutes later Evie says, "Come see my first dress, it is almost done!"

I wish I were that fast a seamstress!

mommypie said...

Amazing! How did she cut and sew? Maybe she can teach me to work without a pattern?? I don't use my form much because I haven't figured out a stand for it. I almost threw it away. Let me know how you did that, too, please!

denise said...

very cool!