Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Curiousity and Shaun White

Life is just so darn interesting. Yesterday morning started with our usual Wednesday pal being dropped off, said pal's mom was feeling in her pocket and with a puzzled look said, "Huh, what's this?" Turns out it was an old Mexican coin. The girls pounced on it and spent the next few hours going through our foreign coin collection and categorizing first by country, then by date. The Euros really fascinated them, they hauled out the computer (gotta love laptops) and started mining Wikipedia. They learned all about the European Union, figured out who the different coins were designed by, why the different countries picked the symbols they did for the Euros, info about coin collecting, exchange rates etc. etc. I had to pop in with a question about something un-coin related. When I left I heard Evie exclaim, "Let's keep working! I am so curious!" Music to my ears! My whole goal is to keep that sentiment alive in myself and my child. To that end, I tried my hand at some new origami today--very satisfying.

Oh, and where will curiosity get you? How about to the Olympic medal stand! Shaun White (home (un?) schooler) built himself a private half-pipe so he could make stuff up. Built a GIANT foam-filled pit to fly over. How awesomely cool is that! He was curious. Look what he has come up with!


denise said...

Fun! S.White was a virtual schooler, right? My boys have been having a blast watching him well as downhill skiing (Bode Miller was unschooled for several of his early years), short track skating, and snowboardcross. Luge/skeleton/bobsled are at the top of the list too. A's been charting medals and qualifying/finals. Too fun!

Eluciq said...

I would imagine that there are quite a few athletes that have to be on the road most of the school year that are homeschooled/unschooled/virtual would make total sense to me!

Maybe we will be on the road following our boys' dreams of "hucking" cliffs & racing slalom...where we will homeschooling once again!