Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We spent all day in the dirt today, therefore I did not have my camera. We battled weeds, coaxed vines, marveled at potatoes and did a little happy dance to see our first broccoli forming already! I had forgotten that I scattered some radish seeds along the edge of our plot, their shiny red shoulders were a nice surprise. For dinner we had arugula and spinach from our backyard garden with radishes from our bog garden and mint and stevia for dessert from our window box garden!

The irises were grown by my dad--gorgeous!

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Stephanie said...

I have irises that look just like that.... tell me,do they have a sweet, sugary fragrance? Mine smell like floral candy.... it's so incredible.

I'm sure we'll be in the dirt all day today! Trev said something yesterday about "covering himself in mud"....