Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the Real World

Sometimes people say things along the lines of, "Homeschooling is nice for now but what happens when she gets into the real world?"

Well, this morning Evie filled out her forms for 4H for entering her projects into the County Fair. There are more regulations and rules and codes than on federal tax forms! Unfortunately in our culture there are a lot of forms to fill out, whether or not you live "in the system." I think she has got that one covered. Not because we practiced filling in blanks, or did "reading comprehension" tests, but because she wants to go to the fair.

The next few hours were spent baking. I believe I have expounded upon Evie's baking before. She is a whiz. Why was she baking so much? Because she and three friends are holding a bake sale tomorrow at our homeschool group meeting for the World Wildlife Fund. She cares about animals and is concerned about the environment. She understands that her own personal actions matter and that money can help bigger actions happen.

After baking we went shopping for supplies for Evie's annual free lemonade stand for Race for the Cure which comes right down our block. It is a crazy few hours of bright pink. It started because Evie noticed how hot everyone was one year. Now we offer hundreds of cups of lemonade to support the walkers and runners. Evie makes sure everyone knows the lemonade is free but donations to Race for the Cure are accepted. Last year she raised over $400. A small investment of money and time can return great dividends.

I am not so worried about Evie in the "real world." The Real World better watch out for her!


Grace said...

I've read your blog for a while. Don't know that I have ever commented but I must today. I agree, the real world better watch out for her! It is sometimes irritating to hear what other people think of homeschooling. I hear that my girls will be "eaten alive" when they get out into the real world. I better stop here -

Stephanie said...

She's an amazing little girl.
(Hope she doesn't take exception to "little".)
She has so many Huge things she's doing in life.
She's so different from my children, and I am always astounded at her skills and pursuits.
Watch out, indeed.

Lynch Family said...

Stephanie: The reason I love reading your blog is that your kids seem so familiar! Just a few years ago we spent our days poring over science books, dissecting, making, researching. I love that all kids have their own lives. It is so neat to watch them unfold.

Frank said...

As if school were a perfect analog of "the real world." Ha! As unschoolers,we live in the real world right now and every day.

Lynch Family said...

Frank: Yeah, school as "the real world" is a tough one. On the one hand sitting quietly in a room of your peers trying to look busy is EXACTLY what the real world is. On the other hand . . . there is another way!

Eluciq said...

this post cracks me up...cuz' if the frickin' public school is the real world...holy cow! Evie is the real world...and people that don't know this need to get out of their cubicle and see for themselves. really do inspire me to be a better mom, better teacher and better boys' don't learn in the real world...but i know for our family it works best for all of us. i am extremely proud to know you, evie and scott and only wished that homeschooling was a better fit for us.

Lynch Family said...

Tiff: Of course your boys learn in the real world, you couldn't stop them if you tried! Soccer, hiking, Sunday bike rides, Wii, playing guitar, goofing off AND going to school are all ways and places to learn. When people engage with one another, there is learning. I often think "thank goodness there are teachers like Tiff for little ones just stepping outside their families for the first time." YOU rock!

Tracy said...

Great post. I've stopped trying to explain that we've just skipped the institition in favor of the real world. Sadly, so many will never understand the difference because they spend their entire lives living as if there are four walls built around them.

I read your blog all the time and I'm sorry I don't take the time to comment more. My daughter (Munchkin #1) is Evie, too.