Monday, May 25, 2009


The marathon is over! I was FLYING until mile 9 when my stomach muscle issues began. They resolved by mile 15 and then came back at 21--I really fought for those last 5 miles! I was satisfied with my time (4:43) even though I had hoped to beat my last time (4:31). We hopped in the car to Mpls. for a quick family reunion and today I have totally splurged on coffee, brownies and beer--items I haven't eaten in weeks. Back to biking and Cream of Wheat tomorrow--gotta treat a body right!

Evie ran her first race, I wasn't there but I guess she was awesome. She and Scott and my parents and friends totally made the marathon possible. I love them all and thank them so much for all they did--guess I'll do it again in another 5 years!


Sunflower Hill Farm said...

I looked up the results last night and was sooo proud! I can't even imagine the thrill of that completion. 5 years, really?

You are an inspiration!!


Eluciq said...

You look awesome...what a fantastic trip it must have been...i can't even imagine running a mile let alone a marathon! I love that your splurges were coffee, beer and brownies...BIG GRINS :)

Lynch Family said...

Jodi - Yeah, just before I turned 30 I made a pledge to run a marathon. I did (having never run before) after training for a year. I had a great time so I vowed to do it every 5 years. I turned 35 this year! I was in better shape this time but more plagued with issues--I guess I have 5 years to resolve them! Can't wait to hear about your race in a few months, woot, woot!

mommypie said...

Jen, you are spectacular! Way to go!!

Stephanie said...

So awesome!
Congratulations, truly.