Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Day in the Life

This morning we had "Evie's Cake Shop." We practiced using different decorating tips, experimented with royal icing, frosted things. We used raspberry boxes covered in foil. We ate none of it.

The afternoon had us working in recovery at a high volume spay/neuter clinic. We both learned to extubate animals, clean sutures, check vitals etc. We did about 8 dogs and 6 cats.

Evie heard back from a wildlife rehabilitator she wrote to, not only is the woman willing to have Evie over, she will let her foster a batch of wild bunnies and teach her to rehabilitate and release them!

Oh, and Evie practiced until she could do the chicken dance and the hula while standing on an exercise ball.

Wow, do we have the life!


sunnymama said...

Those cakes look so much fun!

Sandra Dodd said...

Wow. Soon she'll be doing the chicken-hula-bunny dance! That's very cool, all of it.

Sarah said...

Wow. I can't believe her balance! That's amazing!