Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Catching Up

This is Evie's log rolling teacher holding cake #8: log rolling cupcakes with her likeness (it was for her b-day). The tournament on Sunday was great. Evie rolled in the most exciting match I have ever seen, not just for her, but ever! The girls rolled down go the smallest log after 5 minutes of rolling (quite a feat in itself, 12 inches in diameter)then went back and forth with falls. In the end Evie took 2nd and the other girl first. Evie had started the day sick to her stomach with nerves and ended happy. It was a good day.

This is our new chicken, Lucy-Dicka Chicka Lynch. There has been some fighting. L-D is about half the size of the others and has almost no beak. Still she puffs up to defend herself like she is a big girl. Our dominant chicken couldn't care less that she is here so it is a battle for second place. We've never done this before so it is hard to know how long to give them to get used to each other, when they should be together permanently, how much fighting is normal etc. It is really hard for Evie, tough animal lessons.

The Humane Society is great. Our new jobs allow SO much more responsibility and actual care. Evie is in heaven.

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