Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Quiet. That's what it is around here. There are two big family b-days coming up so there is lots of planning and crafting. We spent all day today at two animal shelters caring for critters. The second is a group we've been involved with for about a year, it is a last-resort, no-kill shelter. Compared to our county humane society it is the ghetto of shelters and yet the animals are so happy and well-adjusted. If we didn't already have 6 animals, a little cat named Waffle, who is missing one eye, would have come home with us. Evie was in heaven and I admit I was really enjoying myself too. Evie decided to put aside part of her allowance every week and then buy supplies for the second shelter--she is amazing.

Tomorrow we will be raking leaves for four elderly folks in the neighborhood, it is always part leaf-raking part chatting, you never know what kind of stories you'll hear!

I sent off 25 baby hats yesterday. I could make those all day long!

Evie has a big competition (log rolling) this weekend, her last in this division, we are looking forward to the drive.

Keeping on, keeping on--life is rich!


Mon said...

Hi there, just found you through madison mom's blog.

Quiet is NICE! lol

Your Evie sounds priceless.

denise said...

Wow - twenty five!!!! Wow! That is amazing.

My son wants to volunteer with animals once he is old enough, and I am sure a few will come home with us. Actually, we're all warming my husband up for another cat. After losing 2 to cancer in the past 3 years, our one kitty could use some kitty pal. ;)

We have a birthday coming up too (G will be 4!). Time flies!