Thursday, November 13, 2008


The 4H leaf raking extravaganza went well today. The first house had so many leaves it took our crew of 11 over an hour! Everyone worked hard and had a good time. We ended up at a park that still had some of the old play equipment that was invented back when I was little. As I said to one mom, it was the good ol' kind you could still get hurt on. She commented that it was totally different than modern equipment because it required co-operation to make it work. I looked around and was totally right! The new stuff can all be played on autonomously and "safely." Anyway, the kids had a great tim eon the old stuff.

Busy weekend ahead, check back Monday!

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denise said...


We like finding old parks. The boys get so bored with the regular 'equipment' anymore, and prefer either digging around in the woods or experimenting in the older parks with all the interesting climbing stuff! :)Looks like fun.