Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nothing is Everything

We have had NO formal obligations this weekend--heavenly!

Friday Evie and my parents gleaned their fields and woods and decorated an outdoor spot. This is just the table decoration!

We made candied orange peel and sugar cookies, today is a big bake day in the outdoor oven--36 buns and 8 loaves of bread, I think and pizza of course!

We watched Star Wars for the first time with Evie. She can't get over the similarities to Harry Potter. She has never seen the Harry Potter movies but has read the books countless times. She and I have talked a lot about archetypes and the journey of the hero etc. She is making some way cool connections!

I winterized the chicken coop, it is so cold I am still having trouble typing "e" because that finger is still numb!

Our cat, Yali, is rather uncooperative when I am trying to cut out fabric. This fabric is for Evie's dress for when we see the Nutcracker next month. Both the ballet and the dress are traditions.

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