Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Is it Tuesday already?

The front of the house is now painted--it makes the trim look all the more weary, but it will have to wait. In a fit of whimsy I painted the mailbox bright green. I mean REALLY bright green. I planted more grass in the yard, hooked up a soaker hose to the rain barrel, reconnected the downspouts and am drying some hay for the chickens that got sort of moldy.

Evie finished the 7th Harry Potter on Sunday, 1 1/2 weeks from when she began the series. That's 4100 pages in 10 days. It is nice to have her back! She says she plans to read a few reference books regarding HP and then start back with the first book. I read the Little House series 19 times back to back so I can hardly call her strange!

Evie made two carding combs from wood and nails yesterday. She is spending the day with a friend, they are washing old smelly wool I had in the closet and spinning it. Evie made a very clever drop spindle that actually works. Where do they pick these things up?

We have a tree in our yard that needs to come down, it will be VERY expensive, it is on our lot line so our neighbor is involved too--tricky. Our car is in the shop, I have high hopes. We are getting estimates about replacing our windows. I am hanging laundry and sealing the kitchen floor today. Homemade noodles and rhubarb crisp for dinner, along with some of the first local broccoli of the season.

Life is busy, life is grand, life keeps moving!


Eluciq said...

WOW...could you have more going on...I love all the check marks you get to make off your list of To-Do's...that is awesome!

Love the new photo atop your blog...beautiful!

denise said...

Busy, indeed! :) Love your new header photo - lovely!