Thursday, July 03, 2008

Breathe out

We had one day of breathing out yesterday. It poured and hailed in the morning and was muggy and cloudy all afternoon. We spun more wool and Evie knit a bookmark with it! We started reading Butter in the Well: A Scandanavian Woman's Tale of Life on the Prairie which was written by my Aunt (Linda Hubalek) and is about our ancestors. She has several series. The stories are interesting and well-researched, and it is fun to know you're related to the people in the books.

We watched Chitty, Chitty , Bang, Bang in the afternoon. I was interrupted by several phone calls, all of which I felt I needed to take, so I missed a few good parts.

Log rolling rounded out the day and then I fell asleep at 8:00. I guess the day was more tiring than I thought!


Sandra Dodd said...

-=-Log rolling rounded out the day and then -=-

I can't picture what "log rolling" was. I thought and rejected that you got into a river full of logs and kept your balance as they flowed downstream to a sawmill. I don't think you were trading favors with politicians.

What log rolling is this you're doing?

Lynch Family said...

You can search our blog with the term "logrolling" and get quite a bit of info, I believe there is a video from Sept 2 2007. Basically it is a sport that evolved out of the lumberjack days when folks really were hopping on logs trying to clear jams--incredibly dangerous work. The sport is most popular in Canada, MN and WI but there are teams from AK to ME. Boom running, sawing, chopping, ax throwing and climbing are all components of what are collectively known as "timber sports." In log rolling you compete to see who can stay on a log in the water longer. Rollers start on a 15" (diameter) log and if they successfully stay on for a specified length of time they "roll down" to a smaller log, the smallest being a #4 (12" diameter). It is an interesting, challenging super fun sport, we saw it at the outdoor games 4 years ago, Evie was transfixed and last year we found the team here.

Eluciq said...! i made an attempt to teach the boys' how to crochet...but the patience was out the window for all of us...we agreed to re-visit it another time.

your day sounded lovely...we just watch chitty chitty bang bang for the millionth time last week...oh the flying gets me every time.

denise said...

Wow - great knitting! :)

Sounds like an interesting book - always so interesting a perspective when it feels personal.